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Facts About Ayurveda – What Exactly Is Ayurvedic Medicine?

Life is all about how you perceive things and how you respond to it. The same concept goes with Ayurveda. Well, this may sound philosophical, but this is what Ayurveda teaches us. It teaches us the way of life – the healthy way of living. So, Ayurveda is not just about healing wounds and fighting diseases. It goes beyond in bringing positive outlook (energy) in an individual by balancing the three doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha). Ayurveda believes that if these three doshas that are made up of five elements of nature (Water, Fire, Air, Earth and Ether) are in harmony, an individual’s body, mind and spirit lives in harmony.

Ayurveda is the oldest healing system of medicine that has won the faith of saints and kings. But unfortunately, over time the original perception of the system has been taken over by some misconceptions. So, this is a small attempt to help people understand the concept of Ayurveda and bring the healthy change in their lives.

Enlightening With The Truth Of Ayurvedic Treatment

Myth 1 – Ayurvedic medicines and treatments cause no side effects

Truth – Well, this one of the most prevalent misconceptions regarding Ayurvedic medicines. Although the side effects are not very harmful as modern medicines they can cause a slight discomfort in the body. It may include aches, acidity, or muscular spasms. Now, the story of side effects begins when people do not take proper dosage of the medicines. Many people take natural medicines for granted and consume it in incorrect combinations and at an awkward time. For example, if Guggul is consumed on empty stomach it may cause acidity. So, it is recommended to consume Guggul after a meal with milk. For that matter, even overeating and eating wrong combinations of food can cause side effects. Additionally, consuming stale herbs or expired Ayurvedic medicines may also cause side effects.

Myth 2 – Ayurvedic medicines take months to show the effect

Truth – There is a false belief that Ayurvedic medicines are very slow at showing the effect or treating a particular ailment. This misconception prevents a lot of people from opting for the natural treatment. The truth is some Ayurvedic treatments act in a slow and steady way. The first reason is that they make sure that in the process of destroying the disease and alleviating pain, the body organs and tissues are not harmed. The second reason is that the treatment focuses on removing the root cause instead of just healing the body superficially. Nevertheless, there are many Ayurvedic medicines that show the effect within a matter of a few hours. For example, if you consume Ayurvedic medicine for constipation before sleeping, you will definitely see your bowels cleaned the next morning.

Myth 3 – Ayurvedic medicines need to be followed by strict dietary restrictions

Truth – Partially, it is true that Ayurvedic medicines for certain health problems restrict patients from eating particular foods. For example, diabetic patients are not allowed to consumer sugar whereas heart patients are not allowed to consume cholesterol-rich and fatty foods. But this concept holds good in modern medicine too. Besides, this doesn’t mean that patients are prevented from eating palatable foods. The dietary restrictions are only limited to serious health problems and when it is essential.

Myth 4 – Ayurveda is all about home remedies, it lacks clinical testing

Truth – Home remedies in Ayurveda can be followed only for some primary ailments such as acidity, mild fever, cough and cold etc. For example, when you drink a teaspoon of crushed ginger juice with a pinch of salt it gives you relief from a cough. But when it comes to chronic health conditions, it is recommended to consult Ayurveda practitioners. They prescribe clinically tested Ayurvedic medicines to treat the diseases. Yes, Ayurveda medicines are time-tested and regulated by Drug and Cosmetic Act 1940. The Act mandates the Standard Operating Procedures and Good Manufacturing Practices. Hence, when you take Ayurvedic medicine make sure it is prescribed by a registered Ayurveda practitioner or a registered Ayurveda pharmaceutical company.

Vatson Remedies Provides Clinically Tested Ayurvedic Medicines

Vatson Remedies produces Ayurvedic medicines under stringent GMP guidelines. We offer over 50 variety of formulations in the form of capsules, syrup, ointments, liquid orals, oil preparation, powders, decoctions etc. Every formulation is prepared after meticulous clinical testing which is followed by manufacture under high-quality standards. Going further, each product leaves our facility only after an accurate screening procedure.

Vatson Remedies believes in the natural healing concept of Ayurveda. We aim at spreading the healthy living concept by offering Ayurvedic medicines for different types of ailments and diseases. Our medicines cause no side effects provided that they are consumed as prescribed. Also, it takes just 10 to 15 days for any of our medicines to show positive effects on the body.

While you have learned about the facts of Ayurveda, bring it in your life and experience its goodness. As you know your perception followed by response matters!

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